Monday, 7 December 2015

P R I Z E G I V I N G 2 0 1 5

Today was prize giving for this year.  A chance for all of the hard working students throughout the year to be rewarded for all of their perseverance and awesomeness!

The Titans got a good haul of prizes and trophies and certificates.


Here is the list of our winners:

For our value certificates:

Participation: Jodeci
Respect: Meleana
Integrity: Christian
Determination: Paris
Empathy: Unique

For our achievement certificates:

Kruz: For much improved behaviour and attitude
Precious: For working creatively
Tina: For always being amazing


Anaru: Academic Excellence (runner up)
Victoria: Overall sportswoman
Charlotte: Overall sportswoman (runner up)
Connor: ICT award
Rhys: ICT award (runner up)
Heremia: ICT award (runner up)
Raukawa: Outstanding contribution to culture (runner up)
Afizah: Outstanding creative writing (runner up)
Brianna: Performing arts (runner up)
Amy: Citizenship award (runner up)
Neha: Speech award
Sela: Contribution to sport
Tiana: All round achievement (runner up)
Ayush: Attitude and excellence
Sanford: Attitude and excellence (runner up)
Ella: Service to school
Natalie: Service to school

Mr Bryce - the BoT chairperson

 Rush - SKIDS big kahuna

Kruz with his haul of prizes!

Sela and her Mum and all the trophies!

Victoria and her proud Mum

Deputy Head boy Ayush and his very proud parents

Christian and his trophy posing with Mum

Kakapo House Captains with their winning house trophy

Miss Neha with her speech trophy






All of the house captains, head students and the tuakana/teina.

Congratulations everyone, super proud of you!!!

Miss J

Computer challenges this week

We have 2 challenges going on this week in our class.  Well they are world wide challenges, but we are participating!

The first challenge is the hour of code.  Anyone in the world of any age can log on and practice coding.  You can make flappy birds fly, and do some minecraft.

The second challenge is for skoolbo.  There's a world cup on at the moment between New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain and the United States.

Rhys working on coding

Brianna top of the Techno Titan leaderboard this morning

Jahvarn and Jodeci helping each other out with coding

Rhys coding his flappy bird

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

*** T I M E ***

We have been learning about time in maths.

Here are some examples of our work this week:

By Sanford and Sela

By Anaru

by Ella, Unique and Amy

By Connor and Brianna

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Google Expedition

On Monday we had a very exciting day at school.  We rock climbed, and went to see the Great Wall of China, and the London Eye, and the Taj Mahal.  We swam with sharks, and we saw the rice fields in Asia.  Please watch our video to see how we did it!

Please comment when you have watched.  The class with the most comments and likes on our facebook page will win a Google Cardboard!!!

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Swimming today

Today we had our swimming lesson.

Our times are Tuesday and Thursday at 10.10.  The pool was pretty cold but the kids were brave.

We decided to take a time lapse video of what we were learning and it looks like we were busy as!
We did freestyle breathing and backstroke skills.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Techno Titan Musical Showcase

Last week on Friday Rowandale School had a musical show and each class had to perform a music item that they'd learnt.  We had done Jellybeans music over the term and learnt about rhythm and beats and playing the recorder and the xylophone.  In class Miss J taught us a bit about reading music, and how to write some.  We came up with a plan about 3 items we were going to perform.
1) a group got together on garageband and wrote a piece of music and mashed it together to make an original.
2) body percussion - we used stomping, clapping, and other noises to make percussion
3) bucket drumming - we made some patterns and beats and worked together.

Here is our performance.  We were the last class!

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Puzzle of today

Mrs Tolley likes

* apples but not bananas
* daffodils but not roses
* skiing but not snowboarding
* running but not walking
* swimming but not water
* tennis but not squash

See if you can solve the pattern and leave a comment below with something else Mrs Tolley might like and not like.  Don't tell us the pattern though - let other people solve it for themselves!


2 tokens for each right answer!